There are a few political items of note from this week, that while they aren’t quite news, they are still more than gossip, rumor, and blatant innuendo and we thought they were worth printing.

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U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly is making news this week, not for being part of the bipartisan group of Senators that helped broker the deal to end the government shutdown, but the fact he raised more than $1.3 million in the fourth quarter and has $5.3 million in cash on hand.  Donnelly is also getting some help next month from former Vice-President Joe Biden.  He’s coming to Indy to help raise money.

The Todd Rokita camp has decided to fight the 2018 electoral war on two fronts.  Campaign spokesman Nathan Brand said  Donnelly’s numbers also show he had the lowest amount raised and cash on hand than any 2018 Senate Democrat incumbent who was running for re-election.  

The Rokita folks did not limit their attacks to Donnelly, but they also went after opponent Luke Messer.  Messer put out a new release promoting a bill called the SWAMP Act, which would prohibit the federal government from further growth in the D.C. area, saying it would have to expand outside of the immediate metro area.   They attacked Messer for promoting the bill while having a home for his family in the D.C. suburbs and they basically accused him of plagiarism, saying the idea was originally offered by Representative Warren Davidson of Ohio last year and Rokita was a co-sponsor.

Meanwhile, in the 4th Congressional District, Diego Morales is reporting having more than $400,000 in the bank and he is also unveiling a new TV ad.

In the 6th Congressional District, both Greg Pence and Jonathan Lamb are up on TV. It’s Pence’s first television ad, for Lamb, it’s his second.

And speaking of filing, here’s a link to the latest list of candidates who’ve filed with either the Secretary of State’s Office or the Election Division.  

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