Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett says the point of the Independent Review Commission looking at IMPD’s behavior during the protests is to adopt best practices and not to throw the department under the bus.

The Commission, which will consist of former U.S. Attorney Deborah Daniels, former Indiana Supreme Court Associate Justice Myra C. Selby, and Martin University’s Dr. Sean L. Huddleston.

The charge of the Commission will be as follows…

Review evidence relating to IMPD response to protests in late May/early June 2020 and determine:

  • Whether any officers engaged in the use of force inconsistent with current IMPD policy
  • Whether any officers engaged in what would be deemed action in violation of policy under model policies in use in other cities
  • Whether any officers failed to de-escalate a situation such that it escalated to the point where it required use of force permitted under current policy
  • Whether any officers continued use of permissible force beyond the point where the current policy would suggest it cease
  • What aspects of the IMPD response contributed to peaceful interactions, and what aspects appear to have escalated tensions

2. Develop a report reflecting findings with respect to the above and related recommendations, to be delivered to the Mayor’s Office upon the conclusion of the review.

In an interview, this morning, the Mayor and special counsel Tim Moriarty said the goal of the Committee was not to harm IMPD but to build better relationships with the community.   In addition, Moriarty noted that it was the Committee that came up with its goals.

Photo:  WIBC