Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb appears to be siding with Senate Republicans when it comes to trying to figure how to pay for Indiana’s long-term infrastructure.

During a news conference this morning the Governor said he opposes shifting all of the sales tax on gasoline to pay for roads, as well as an increase in the cigarette tax to indirectly help fill the budget gap created by the shift.

Much like Senate Republicans, Holcomb thinks an increase in the cigarette tax might be needed in a few years to help cover the costs of Medicaid if the federal government shifts more responsibility to the states.

Holcomb also says the state will eventually have to look at tolling as a way to pay for roads as well.

The Governor also offered thoughts on early childhood education funding, workforce development, needle exchanges and the situation involving Rickers and its selling of cold beer at a couple of its gas stations.

You can hear the Governor in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It’s divided into two segments.