Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb received mostly high marks for his Tuesday night State of the State address.

Here is the reaction.

Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray

  • “Thanks to more than a decade of conservative fiscal leadership, Indiana is in a strong position as we look toward the future. With the governor’s help, we will continue our push to make Indiana the most competitive and prosperous state it can be. I sincerely appreciate Gov. Holcomb’s practical approach to leading our state, and I look forward to working with him and the lieutenant governor as we tackle the challenges in front of us.”

House Speaker Todd Huston

  •  “Governor Holcomb did an outstanding job telling Indiana’s incredible success story while laying out his vision for the future. Our state is on a roll – whether it’s attracting new investments at a record pace, growing our top-ranked economy, creating upward mobility for working Hoosiers or preparing to play a lead role in industries of the future. We’ll continue working with Governor Holcomb to take our shared priorities across the finish line, including making sure Hoosiers keep more of their hard earned money through responsible tax cuts.”

House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta

  • “Governor Holcomb’s address was a stark contrast from his colleagues in the legislature,” GiaQuinta said. “I appreciate his willingness to focus on issues important to Hoosiers, not political games and divisive, hyper-partisan agendas.  I’m proud of Indiana’s resiliency and better than expected economic position given the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic. Our state was given unique opportunities for critical quality-of-life investments thanks to the ‘Biden Boom.’ Federal Democrats’ passage of the American Rescue Plan Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act helped increase teacher pay, provided funding for READI grants, and invested in roads and crucial infrastructure in all 92 Hoosier counties.  However, there is still work to be done. While billions remain in the state surplus the household debt of average Hoosiers ballooned by over $8 billion. Indiana is often in the national spotlight for  poor public health outcomes, environment and other quality-of-life rankings.  It was concerning to hear Holcomb’s desire to put off critical financial investments for another year despite a $5 billion surplus. Hoosiers can’t wait for another budget session, nor should they have to. The people’s money should be invested in a way that improves their lives and our state.  It would be a mistake to take our foot off the gas while Hoosiers continue to struggle.”

Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor

  • Once again, the Governor’s rosy picture of our state does not pair with the actual state of Indiana as it concerns everyday Hoosiers,” Sen. Taylor said. “While our state’s economy is prospering thanks to assistance from the American Rescue Plan, that’s only a small part of the picture.  The bigger picture is that many, many Hoosiers are struggling. They’re struggling to access quality childcare and well-paying jobs that allow them to make ends meet. They’re fighting to stay healthy and protect their families as we see COVID-19 cases rise across the state. They’re struggling to make their rent and utility payments on time to stay in their homes.

Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch

  • “Our state’s fiscally responsible investments continue to make Indiana a leader in the Midwest and nation for families and businesses. Our incredible growth has taken us to a low unemployment rate that we haven’t experienced in more than 20 years, and Indiana is reaping the benefits that our neighboring states envy.  I applaud Governor Eric Holcomb for his vision to navigate these unprecedented times. I look forward to another year of investing in our infrastructure, recruiting talent for our businesses and keeping Indiana a low tax state.  Additionally, I look forward to reducing the stigma of mental health, expanding mental health services for all Hoosiers and growing the number of behavioral health professionals in Indiana.  2022 brings new opportunities to make Indiana the best it can be, and we have great momentum to ensure all Hoosiers have equal opportunities to succeed in their lives and livelihoods.”

Indiana Secretary of Education Dr. Katie Jenner

  • “As we continue to blur the lines between early learning, K-12, higher education, and the workforce, Governor Holcomb is demonstrating Indiana’s commitment to learner-centered, future-focused education. This means ensuring that every student has access to pathways and opportunities for lifelong success.  Through this commitment, Indiana is currently making a record investment in education, with $1.9 billion in new state funding over the biennium. With these funds, schools are raising teacher pay across the state, and are working to strategically accelerate student learning alongside families and community partners.  Indiana is committed to bringing Hoosiers together to develop strategies to expand access to quality early learning by launching the Office of Kindergarten Readiness within the Department of Education. The state is also working to better connect Indiana’s educators with high-need roles in areas such as STEM and special education through a statewide supply-and-demand marketplace.”

Natalie Robinson, NFIB State Director in Indiana

  • ” Small business owners across the state are encouraged by the governor’s agenda for the 2022 legislative session.  Gov. Holcomb is calling for business tax cuts and affordable and transparent healthcare, which are two of the biggest issues facing our entrepreneurs and job creators across the state.  NFIB members have spoken and are ready for the governor and legislature to act on tax cuts this year. While Indiana has largely been protected from the burdensome mandates that other states have suffered since COVID-19 hit, we need to do more here in Indiana to help small business help off-set rising inflation. Our hard-working entrepreneurs are confident that the governor will work to make sure that small business owners can continue to recover from the devastating pandemic.”

 Kyle Hupfer; Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party

  • “With plenty of momentum behind him, tonight, Governor Holcomb outlined his bold plan to keep Indiana moving forward.   Now in his sixth year in office, he reminded us of what’s possible under strong Republican leadership, and what it truly means to Build One Indiana for All.  Indiana’s future is bright.”