Workforce development, more caseworkers for child services, bias crimes and modernizing government are part of the agenda Governor Eric Holcomb spelled out today for 2019 legislative session.

As part of his “Next Level” agenda, the Governor outlined his proposals for the economy, infrastructure, education, and career training, public health, and government efficiency.

The list of agenda items includes the following…


  • Pass the state’s 8th balanced budget and maintain $1.8 billion in reserves
  • Move Indiana to a “market-based sourcing” state so that companies only pay taxes on income from services sold in-state and not on earnings from outside Indiana.
  • Exempt military pensions from state income taxes.
  • Innovation grants for small businesses.
  • Update the headquarters relocation tax credit so small businesses can be encouraged to relocate to Indiana.


  • $100 million to improve broadband internet access to rural areas.
  • $90 million for new statewide hiking, bike and riding trails.
  • Complete Section 6 of I-69
  • Establishing more international nonstop flights
  • Develop a fourth port near Lawrenceburg
  • Move forward town West Lake and South Shore rail projects.

Workforce, Education & Career Training

  • Make SPI an appointed position in 2021, instead of 2025
  • Increase the number of students enrolled in state-funded pre-K by at least 500.  Currently, 3,000 students are enrolled.
  • Increase K-12 funding
  • Create a committee to examine the best way to increase teacher pay (over the next two budget cycles)
  • Increase teacher supplies tax credit to $500.
  • Expand and increase funding for workforce development grants.

Public Health

  • Adopt recommendations of School Safety Report and Child Welfare Policy report
  • Expand drug treatment and substance abuse programs

Good” Government

  • Approve a bias crime law based on existing language in the state personnel code.
  • Restructure the membership of the boards and commissions affiliated with the State’s Professional Licensing Agency & Homeland Security.
  • Replace the Department of Revenue’s 25-year old tax administration system.