At the end of the first week of the 2022 session of the Indiana General Assembly, House Republicans officially unveiled their agenda which includes tax cuts and exemptions for employees from vaccine mandates.

The agenda includes the following

  • Strengthen COVID-19 vaccine exemptions under Indiana law to protect employees  from unfair termination or retaliation;  Help end Indiana’s state of emergency while continuing critical services, programs [House Bill 1001]
  • Deliver direct relief to working Hoosiers by reducing Indiana’s individual income tax from 3.23% to 3%;  Encourage new investments by lowering Indiana’s business personal property taxes while ensuring homeowners and schools aren’t negatively impacted;  Lower Hoosiers’ utility bills by repealing the Utility Receipts Tax [House Bill 1002]
  • Boost health care workforce pipeline by providing flexibility to Indiana’s nurses seeking licensure;   Give flexibility to nursing programs and nurse educators to help meet workforce  needs;  Help nursing students working to obtain the required hours to be licensed [House Bill 1003]
  • Provide judicial flexibility so all felony offenders can be sent to Indiana Department of Correction, which could help alleviate jail overcrowding and allow locals to direct resources to where they matter most  [HB 1004]

You can hear House Speaker Todd Huston go into more detail in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  He also discusses how the House will reconcile it’s differences with the Senate and the Governor’s office on vaccine mandates and tax cuts.