The Indiana House has passed legislation that restricts abortion and provides Hoosiers with inflation relief.

SB 1 limits abortion to rape and incest (up until 10 weeks) and for the life of the mother.

It contains no criminal penalties for health care providers, but they can lose their license.

That measure passed 62-38.

The inflation relief bill which proves $1 billion to Hoosiers and also pays down part of the pre-1996 teacher pension debt passed 93-6.

The Senate concurred with the House on SB 2, 37-9.

The Senate is taking up the abortion bill later this evening.

You can hear Speaker Todd Huston and bill sponsor Wendy McNamara  in the Leon-Tailored Audio above, as well as Democratic Reps Phil GiaQuinta, Cherish Pryor and Maureen Bauer.

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