Indiana Republicans are denouncing recent comments made by Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Trump was caught on tape in 2005 making derogatory comments regarding women.

You can see the clip here.

Trump issued a video apology on Facebook, however several top Hoosier Republicans, including his running mate Mike Pence were quick to denounce and distance themselves from the nominee.

“I think Donald Trump’s terrible comments were beyond offensive. “ — Todd Young, U.S. Senate candidate

“These are absolutely unacceptable thoughts and comments.” — LT. Governor Eric Holcomb

“The comments made by Donald Trump are horrible and unacceptable.”—Chairman Jeff Cardwell

“Donald Trump’s words and the actions he described are reprehensible and disrespectful, and I am personally disgusted by this behavior. This is nowhere near the conduct Americans should expect from someone seeking the office of President.” — Congresswoman Susan Brooks