The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Republican Cyndi Carrasco for Marion County Prosecutor.

The vote was unanimous, but it also took place after incumbent Democrat Ryan Mears said he would not seek the FOP’s endorsement nor ask for their dollars.

In a statement, Carrasco said the following…

“I am honored and humbled that the fine men and women of Indianapolis FOP No. 86 have placed their confidence in me to be our next Marion County Prosecutor.“I’m running for prosecutor because our community is facing a public safety crisis, and we deserve better. As the top public safety official in the county, the prosecutor sets the tone for the criminal justice system. The current prosecutor is setting a tone of weakness, disrespect for law enforcement, disregard of victims, and lack of accountability for criminals.“Police officers are the very frontline of public safety. They risk their lives protecting our community and keeping our families safe. Prosecutor Ryan Mears does not support the police. Their work is shoved under the rug when he fails to adequately charge criminals, including violent and repeat offenders – and people are dying.“Our law enforcement officers need a partner in the Prosecutor’s Office who will work hand-in-hand with them toward our shared goal of public safety. I will be the partner law enforcement needs to make our county the safe and prosperous community it once was.”

Mears signed a pledge back in July of 2020 to not accept contributions from police unions.  “In July of 2020 we signed a pledge to reject any contributions from police unions as prosecutors being on the “political payroll” of police unions is inappropriate and unethical”,” his campaign said in a statement.  “The prosecutor’s office must remain independent from police. Prosecutor Ryan Mears will continue his work to build trust in the community.”

Marion County GOP Chairman Joe Elsener accused Mears of engaging in a “political stunt” arguing Mears has accepted more than $35,000 from defense attorneys over the last three years, but “describes working with police and their family members as ‘inappropriate and unethical.”