The latest poll of Indiana voters shows the race between incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly and Republican challenger Mike Braun a virtual tie.

The Survey Monkey/Axios poll gave Braun a two-point lead over Donnelly, 49-47, with four percent undecided.   

The same poll showed 51 percent of Hoosiers approved of Donald Trump’s job performance while 48 percent disapproved.

Donnelly’s total approval rating was 47 percent while his disapprovals were at 49 percent.

Republican Senator Todd Young’s approval rating was 48 percent, while his disapproval rating was 46 percent.

Some of the other survey results showed…

  • 51 percent thought the economy was better off than a year ago.
  • 59 percent supported DACA, the program that allows children of illegal immigrants to stay in the country under certain conditions.
  • 51 percent supported modifying the Affordable Care Act while only 34 percent thought it should be repealed.
  • 54 percent supported the tax reform law passed last year, while 41 percent opposed it.

The poll surveyed more than 950 Hoosier voters.   It was taken between June 11 and July 2.  The results were unweighted.