The Indiana House Monday passed a spending plan Republicans say maintains the state’s fiscal integrity, but Democrats say raises taxes and hurts schools.

By a vote of  68-29,  the Indiana House passed the Republican $31 billion budget plan which includes increases for schools, raises for State Police and money to address the state’s opioid and heroin crisis. It also maintains the state reserve of just under $2 billion.

Democrats criticized the spending plan saying school districts are losing money and more is being spent on testing.

House Republicans say the plan provides more dollars for crucial programs while maintaining the state’s fiscal integrity.

The measure now goes to the Senate.

The House also passed controversial legislation concerning school prayer and abortion.  The House made it easier for students to pray without being stifled by administrators.  Opponents said it would lead to lawsuits and litigation.   On the abortion issue, providers must now give women information regarding a dry induced abortion that the process can possibly be reveresed.  Opponents said lawmakers were compelling providers to give false information and it woud also only lead to more lawsuits.