In what was like his last visit to Indiana prior to the May primary, Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich tried to explain to supporters and delegates his rational for putting the brakes on his operation here in the Hoosier state.

Kasich announced Sunday that he was suspending his Indiana campaign in order to allow Ted Cruz  to have an easier battle against Donald Trump.

Speaking to about 100 supporters at the Columbia Club, Kasich told them that it was all about the end game and stopping Trump at the convention meant giving up Indiana for now, but there have been questions as to how effective that strategy would be.

Kasich state campaign co-chair Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard gave the delegates a history lesson about contested primaries and reminded the delegates that there have been several of them in the past and even one time where the eventual Presidential nominee won the nomination, but only won one state.

The crowd was enthusiastic as one delegate told us, but they were still cautious about his chances.

A number of supporters and delegates speaking on background to Indy Politics say they have a lot of thinking to do as to whether they will support Cruz.