At the 2016 Republican State Convention, it was Yorktown School Superintendent Jennifer McCormick versus Ft. Wayne educator Dawn Wooten in the race for the nomination of Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Fast forward four years later, and it looks like there’s a rematch of sorts.

Both have been chosen by two of the candidates for Governor to take the job of Secretary of Education should they win.

Democrat Dr. Woody Myers chose McCormick and Libertarian Donald Rainwater picked Wooten.

McCormick and Wooten squared off at the 2016 state GOP convention.  McCormick won.

Both Rainwater and Myers say their pick for Secretary of Education will put students first and listen to teachers.

You can hear both of their news conferences in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.

The Rainwater news conference runs about 24 minutes.  The Myers news conference runs 36 minutes.

Governor Eric Holcomb has not named a pick yet for Secretary of Education.