On the eve of his official re-election announcement a new poll shows trouble for incumbent Governor Mike Pence.

The poll of 1,000 registered votes shows the Governor’s approval rating at 34% while his unfavorable ratings are at 43%.  However his job approval ratings are tied at 46% each.  Less than a third of voters say they would re-elect him while 54% prefer another candidate.

The poll was conducted by GOP Pollster Christine Matthews, on behalf of former Angie’s List CEO Bill Oesterle who criticized Pence earlier this year over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Here are some of the other key findings of the poll which was was taken may 29-June 23.

 Key Numbers

  • Mike Pence has a 34% favorable – 43% unfavorable rating.  On the April Howey poll, his image was 35% favorable – 38% unfavorable, a net 6 point decline.
  • 46% approve of the job Mike Pence is doing while 46% disapprove.  In terms of intensity, 13% strongly approve and fully 31% strongly disapprove.
  • Just under one third would re-elect Mike Pence (32%), while a majority (54%) favor a new person and 15% are unsure.
  • On a generic 2016 presidential ballot, the Republican has a 12 point edge over a Democrat, 43%-31% with 26% undecided.
  • Mike Pence and Glenda Ritz are tied at 42% on a gubernatorial ballot.
  • John Gregg is at 41% to 40% for Mike Pence in a potential 2016 rematch.
  • Mike Pence specific job approval scores on:
    the economy: 53% approve – 38% disapprove
    taxes and spending: 47% approve – 37% disapprove
    Health care:  42% approve – 36% disapprove
    K-12 education:  36% approve – 46% disapprove
    RFRA:  32% approve – 52% disapprove
  • The Religious Freedom Restoration Act will have a: negative impact on Indiana’s economy (40%), no impact on Indiana’s economy (37%) or a positive impact on Indiana’s economy (9%).
  • By a 54%-32% margin, voters support adding sexual orientation and gender identity to Indiana’s civil rights law.  45% would be more likely to support a candidate who favored this, while 32% would be less likely.

A copy of the poll questions can be found here.

A memo by Christine Matthews can be found here.