On the first day of the 2015 Indiana General Assembly, a proposal that would allow Governor Mike Pence to run for re-election as well as President in 2016 is not finding a lot of support from Statehouse Republican Leaders.

State Senator Mike Delph introduced the measure that would not only allow a sitting Governor to run for President simultaneously, but also allow any state office holder to run for federal office at the same time.

Neither House Speaker Brian Bosma nor Senate President Pro Tem David Long thought it was a good idea.  Pence called it a “well-intentioned” distraction.

The lawmakers also said the state would have to tread carefully regarding a proposed “religious freedom” bill which would allow a business to refuse service to a consumer if they thought it would violate their beliefs.

You can hear the Governor, Speaker and Senate President Pro Tem below on those issues as well some of the other items lawmakers will address this session.

Leon-Tailored Audio – Governor Mike Pence

Leon-Tailored Audio – House Speaker Brian Bosma

Leon-Tailored Audio –  Senate President Pro Tem David Long