Indy Politics and Change Research has just completed some new polling which we will be releasing over the next few days.  Today we start with the Presidential race here in Indiana.

Not much has changed in this race since we polled back in the Spring.  President Donald Trump leads former Vice-President Joe Biden 53-39.  When we polled in April, Trump was ahead 52-39.   Five percent went to the Libertarian candidate in our latest poll and three percent were undecided.

When it came down to approval ratings, Trump was 54-44 favorable/unfavorable in Indiana, while Biden was 36-61 favorable/unfavorable.

Vice-President Mike Pence had a 51-45 favorable/unfavorable rating.  And Kamala Harris had a favorable/unfavorable rating of 35-60.

Change research surveyed 1033 interviews likely voters across the state between September 3–7, 2020. It used its Dynamic Online Sampling to achieve a sample reflective of the likely November electorate. The margin of error as traditionally calculated at the 95% confidence level is 3.1%. Post-stratification was performed on age, gender, ethnicity, education, geography, and 2016 vote.