Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Rokita has changed his mind and now says he will participate in the April 30 U.S. Senate debate hosted by the Indiana Debate Commission.

Rokita had originally declined to participate, saying he would not be part of a debate hosted or moderated by “the liberal media” or “non-trustworthy conservatives.”

In a statement, Rokita’s press secretary said the following…

“Todd continues to believe the liberal debate commission should not be hosting Republican primary debates, nor should the debate be moderated by someone closely aligned with one of the other campaigns—especially someone who has gone to great lengths to smear Todd with lies and distortions in coordination with the other campaigns. Todd will also win this debate against Luke Messer, Mike Braun, and Messer’s moderator because one thing remains clear: Todd is a conservative fighter who won’t back down, and that’s why he’s the ally President Trump needs in the U.S. Senate.”

“I am glad Todd Rokita has decided to participate in the debate,”  Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, the moderator, and editor of Indy Politics, noted.  “I am also glad Todd and his campaign have realized any fears they may have had about being part of this debate were unfounded.”