Indiana lawmakers wrapped up the 2020 legislative session with a lot of hits and a few misses.  Lawmakers took steps towards tackling rising health care costs but failing to create a mechanism to remove the Attorney General from office should his law license be suspended.

In the last week of the session, lawmakers passed bills raising the age of tobacco possession to 21, mandated hands-free driving while using a cell phone, making it easier for traditional public schools to partner with charter school counterparts in passing referendums and expanded prohibitions against panhandling in Indianapolis.

Despite those accomplishments legislation that would have called for the Attorney General to be removed from office should his law license be suspended for more than 30 days failed to garner traction in the Senate. 

And in the backdrop concerns grew about the growing threat of the coronavirus and its economic impact on the state’s finances.

Newly sworn House Speaker Todd Huston and Senate President Pro Tempore Rod Bray both spoke with the media after adjournment.  You can hear them both in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.