It looks like there’s a slight glitch at this morning’s meeting of the Electors at the Statehouse.  As you all know Donald Trump won Indiana, so the Electors will all be Republicans.   Originally slated to vote for Trump were the following Electors…

  • Ed Simcox
  • Jim Buck
  • Dana Dumezich
  • Courtney Papa
  • George Brown
  • Matt Whetstone
  • Jeff Heinzmann
  • Don Bates, Jr.
  • Brian Mowrey
  • William Springer
  • Beth Boyce

Well, it turns out three of the Electors can’t make the vote for one reason or another.  The three are Simcox, Papa, and Bates.  They have resigned and no one will know for sure who will replace them until Monday at 10 a.m.

The three of them do have alternates,  Kyle Hupfer, Deborah Johnson, and Douglas Oler.  But it’s not clear yet if they will be there Monday.

You can watch the ceremony here.