Joining the state of Indiana’s pharmacy benefit plan,  award higher salaries to teachers in high-need areas, and allowing townships to help fund schools were among nearly three dozen recommendations by the Governor’s teacher compensation panel.y

Governor Eric Holcomb in February 2019 created the next level compensation commission to examine teacher pay and how to make it more competitive with other states.

The three main purposes of the panel were to reallocate expenses to fund teacher pay, increase sources of revenue, and improve the policies around teacher pay.

Some of the recommendations included ending TIF districts once they have expired and having that money go to schools.  Increasing the number of school referendums so teachers can be paid more.  Also, putting teachers on the insurance of their working spouses to free up more funds for pay.

You can view the complete list of recommendations here.

Also, the Leon-Tailored Audio features a briefing with Mike Smith, the panel’s chairman.

It runs for about 25 minutes.