Indy Politics gets reaction and analysis regarding the decision by House Speaker John Boehner to step down in October.

We spoke with Jared Halpern of Fox News.  You can hear his comments in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs about ten minutes.

Here is reaction from some members of Indiana’s Congressional delegation.

Jackie Walorski – 2nd CD

  • “For over four years, Speaker Boehner has been a dedicated public servant and while we haven’t always agreed we’ve had nothing but respect for one another. I wish him all the best. Moving forward, it’s my hope House Republicans can unite together to focus on the challenges ahead.”

Marlin Stutzman – 3rd CD

  • “I want to thank John Boehner for his service to not only the House of Representatives but also to his constituents of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District,” Stutzman said. “Many people forget that long before John Boehner became Speaker of the House he was a rank-and-file member, like many of us, just working hard to serve his constituents and promote his own policy initiatives, particularly in the education and agriculture arenas. Stutzman also said: “As we move forward over the next month there will be plenty of time for speculation on who will succeed him as Speaker. In the meantime, it is important we thank the Speaker for his service and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Todd Rokita – 4th CD

  • “I thank John Boehner for his service to our nation and wish him and his family the best moving forward. The reason that he gave us this morning for leaving demonstrates, perhaps most eloquently, his humble, servant leadership, character, and the respect he has for the institution and country,” said Rep. Rokita. 

Susan Brooks – 5th CD

  • “I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Speaker John Boehner for his strong leadership and dedicated service to our country. As a member of Congress, he has tirelessly served the people of Ohio for nearly twenty-five years. As Speaker of the House, he has demonstrated strength and honor in the face of significant challenges, and his passion for service and the institution of Congress will be greatly missed.  Due to his efforts, we have built the largest Republican majority since the 1920’s. Under Speaker Boehner’s leadership, the Republican majority has passed a historic ban on earmarks, increased transparency in the legislative process, secured the most significant spending reductions in modern history, and passed a measure that protects 99 percent of Americans from permanent tax increases. Speaker Boehner has left a lasting mark on our country, Congress, and those of us who have had the pleasure of serving with him. I am proud to have worked alongside him and am very sorry to see him retire. I will miss his leadership and friendship in the House.”

Luke Messer – 6th CD

  • “The Speaker is a good man who has always put country before self and worked to do the right things for the right reasons. Today, once again, he put his country first.  He has given our Conference an enormous opportunity to come together.  Now, we have to seize it and get to work. I wish John and his family all the best.”

Larry Bucshon – 8th CD

  • “There’s no doubt the Speaker presided over a difficult time in our nation’s history. During his tenure, he’s been a dedicated public servant to his constituents and has led our conference with an undeniable love for country. I thank him for his leadership, respect his decision, and wish him all the best in his next chapter. It’s now time for our conference to move forward with unity as we address the challenges that face our country.”

Todd Young – 9th CD

  • “I thank John Boehner for his decades of service to the United States. As we begin the process of deciding a new Speaker of the House, I look forward to electing someone who can not only articulate conservative principles, but has the wherewithal to effectively advance them.”