For the first time since 2008, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is making an endorsement in the Governor’s race.

The statewide business group is supporting Governor Eric Holcomb in his re-election bid. The first time the organization made the call was in 2008 for then-Governor Mitch Daniels.

“We only make endorsements in statewide races in special circumstances. Governor Holcomb’s Next Level agenda has undeniably propelled the state forward in many meaningful ways. His leadership, drive and desire to bring people together to listen and learn have all been extraordinary,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar.  “Immediately tackling the opioid crisis showed his compassion and determination – and set the tone. From the long-term infrastructure funding to the workforce emphasis to hate crimes legislation, these were longtime policy priorities that finally became reality the last few years. The difference-maker was Governor Holcomb and his willingness to stick his neck out and make a point that these issues truly matter.”

The Indiana Chamber said it was also encouraged by the Governor’s motivation for the state’s continued improvement.

Indiana Democrats downplayed the endorsement.

“I’m disappointed the Chamber would reward Holcomb’s inaction when educational attainment is slipping backward, especially when the rest of the country is making progress and Indiana employers still can’t find skilled workers. Leaders take bold action,” said John Zody, State Democratic party chairman. “Eric Holcomb stepped into office standing on third base. He’s still standing there.”