For the first time in recent memory, the political action committee that represents the Indiana State Teacher’s Association is taking a pass on an endorsement in the race for Governor.

Randall Studt, the Chair of the Indiana Political Action Committee for Education released the following statement this week regarding I-PACE’s priorities for the 2020 election…

“With the importance of the coming legislative session, members of I-PACE have made the strategic decision to focus time and resources on state legislative races. Funding for public schools, increasing teacher pay and restoring bargaining rights will all depend on bringing more balance to the Indiana General Assembly. The legislature has been a continuous roadblock for positive change in Indiana’s public schools and this will be the majority focus of our limited financial resources this election. Also, we have a number of ISTA members running viable campaigns in several state legislative races. These members need both our financial and volunteer support.

For these reasons, I-PACE does not plan to invest financial resources in the race for Indiana governor as I-PACE has done in the past through our endorsement process. I-PACE will be working to provide members with relevant information on gubernatorial candidate positions on public education so they can make informed voting decisions. We will also continue to pressure all candidates to take stronger positions in support of public education, educators and our students.”