By a unanimous vote, the Indianapolis City-County Council’s Administration and Finance Committee passed an ordinance that would bring more accountability as to how the city has spent American Recovery Act dollars.

The proposal, pushed by east side Councilor Micheal Hart would mandate Departments and agencies who received American Rescue Plan funds present quarterly reports to Council committees.

The measure would also have the Mayor’s Office shall present an annual report to a Full Council meeting explaining the data and metrics demonstrating progress in accomplishing set priorities related to the American Rescue Plan Act expenditures.

“The City of Indianapolis has a prime opportunity to create long-lasting investments for the people of Indianapolis through the American Rescue Plant Act (ARPA) dollars. As a member of the fiscal body of City Government, I must maintain the integrity of the expenditures for the people I represent and the City of Indianapolis,”  said Republican Councilor, Micheal Hart.   “Proposal 58 guarantees quarterly and annual reports on the expenditures from ARPA. The City of Indianapolis deserves to have an accountable and transparent government and that is what proposal 58 aims to do.”

The city of Indianapolis has received more than $232 million in  ARPA dollars.  While Marion County has received more than $187 million..

The measure now goes to the full Council for a vote.