The Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA) has released a report describing a significant drop in patient visits with people delaying care and putting themselves at risk for worse outcomes.

The study also highlights the economic strain medical practices are under due to the public health emergency caused by the novel coronavirus.

Julie Reed,  executive vice president of the Indiana State Medical Association, says while every sector of the economy has been impacted by COVID-19, ISMA is concerned that further harm to local practices may hurt Indiana’s short- and long-term efforts in sustaining public health.

You can hear Reed in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs for about 18 minutes.

The ISMA COVID-19 Business Impact Report is based on a survey completed by ISMA members in partnership with the Indiana Medical Group Management Association (IMGMA). With more than 8,500 members, ISMA set out to determine the current and future effects of the stay-at-home order and other social distancing requirements to prevent further exposure to the virus. 

The report identifies the consequences of the pandemic for ISMA member practices, including solo or small practices, larger physician groups, specialists, and primary care.