This year’s annual Ball State University survey of Hoosier attitudes shows solid support for Sunday retail alcohol sales, a hate crimes statute and repealing and replacing the Affordable Act Act.

Ball State released the survey of 600 Hoosiers today.  It had a margin of error of +/- 5.3 percent.

The survey revealed that 58 percent of Hoosiers support Sunday retail alcohol sales, an issue likely to be debated in the next session of the General Assembly.  An even greater number, 6 percent, believe grocery and convenience stores should be allowed to sell cold beer.

When it comes to a hate crimes law, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s civil rights code, 65 percent supported it overall.   When that number was broken down by Democrats and Republicans, 79 percent of Democrats supported a hate crimes law while 54 percent of Republicans did.

On national issues, such as the Affordable Care Act, a clear majority supported repealing and replacing the ACA, 63 percent.  However, when that number was broken down, only 26 percent supported a straight repeal while 37 percent said the ACA should only be repealed after a replacement plan should be in place.

Some of the other highlights of the poll include…

  • Donald Trump has a 41 percent approval rating.
  • Mike Pence has a 50 percent approval rating.
  • Governor Eric Holcomb has a 52 percent approval rating.
  • 57 percent supported the increase in the gas tax.
  • The Indiana General Assembly has a 48 percent approval rating.
  • When it comes to important local issues, 58 percent thought crime and schools rated as the top issues, and 23 percent thought their local schools were getting worse, 18 percent thought they were getting better.
  • Voters were split on whether an independent panel should take over drawing legislative maps, 47 percent supported a Redistricting Commission, 44 percent thought it should stay the same.
  • 35 percent thought free trade deals helped their family’s financial situation, 33 percent said it hurt.

Indy Politics spoke with Charles Taylor who oversees the survey.  He says the results reflect Hoosiers’ practical nature.  You can hear him in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.   It runs for nine minutes.