It looks like Indiana U.S. Senator Todd Young is looking for a compromise when it comes to a vote on the President’s declaration of a national emergency regarding border security.

According to The Hill, as many as 15 Republican U.S. Senators could vote against the President’s declaration.

One possible compromise was to express disapproval for the declaration and have Congress put limits on future executive actions regarding spending, but at the same time expressing support for border security.

In an interview on WIBC’s Hammer & Nigel Show (with indy politics publisher Abdul-Hakim Shabazz filling in for Nigel), Young said he was looking for a way to achieve border security but also follow the Constitution.

You can hear Senator Young in the above audio clip.

Republican Senator Mike Braun says he will vote to support the President’s declaration, despite some reservations.

“Even though it might give some of us heartburn that you gotta use an emergency declaration to do it, I think it’s important that he does stick with it, because it was a primary centerpiece of what, you know, he ran on in 2016,” he told CBS News.