As the Indiana American Water company (IAW) asks state regulators for a $524 million rate increase,  Indy Politics talks to the utility about why it’s needed as well as the state of Indiana’s water infrastructure.

The water utility provides services to 1 in 5 Hoosiers across the state.

IAW says its ongoing infrastructure investments are the primary driver behind the request.

The investments are necessary to maintain and enhance service, water quality, system reliability, and fire protection capabilities for customers while keeping the cost of water service for most households their most affordable utility bill, at about a penny per gallon.

The company last filed for new rates through a general rate filing in January 2014 and received an order from the IURC in January 2015.

Indy Politics talked with utility spokesman Joseph Loughmiller and government affairs director Matt Prine.

The two Leon-Tailored Audio segments run about nine minutes each.