Republican State Senator Mike Delph and his primary challenger Corrie Meyer made their case last Thursday night in front of more than 50 Hamilton County Republicans as to why they should be the next person represent Senate District 29.

You can hear them in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.

It runs about 15 minutes.   The candidates had two minutes for opening statements.   The questions were as follows, candidates had up to one minute to respond.

  1. What is the most important issue facing SD 29?
  2. How do you best represent a district as geographically, economically and ethnically diverse as SD 29?
  3. What could have been done, if anything, to avoid the May 14 special session?
  4. Why should you keep, or get the job, as Senator for SD 29?
  5. SD 29 is becoming more democratic, how can you win in the general election?

The two appeared as part of a broader candidate forum hosted by the Clay Township Republican Club.