We were very fortunate at Indy Politics to have teamed up again this year with Mason Strategies to bring you polling data for the upcoming Indianapolis mayoral and council races as well local opinions on education and state and national officials.

We worked with them last year in the U.S. Senate contest and not only were we the most accurate poll in the state, but also the nation when it came to that race.

We believe that independent polling, when done properly and in the right context, can be a valuable tool for voters, candidates and the community as a whole.   

We were also extremely fortunate that there were others who also believed in our mission and helped us raise the necessary funding to bring you this information. 

With many news organizations either scaling back or not even engaging in this type of activity, we think this shows our commitment and dedication to the voters of Indianapolis and Marion County.

It is our hope that as Indy Politics celebrates its eighth year in existence, we can continue to bring these to you in the future so that you can use the information to make more informed decisions.


Thank you for your support.


Abdul-Hakim Shabazz




P.S. We spoke with Mason Strategies owner Steve Spiker who helped explain the results and methodology of the poll.  You can hear him in the Leon-Tailored Audio Podcast above.