The Chairman of the Indiana House Ways & Means Committee is sounding a cautious tone about a proposed tax cut for Hoosier manufacturers.

The Committee today is looking at a number of tax proposals including one that would eliminate the tax on some manufacturing equipment.  The cost of the tax cut could range anywhere from $35 million to $240 million annually.

Dr. Tim Brown says they are looking at the cost of the tax cut to see if it something the state can afford, however the higher the costs, the less likely lawmakers are to get on board.

You can hear Brown’s comments below.  He also provides an assessment on how budget discussions are going in the first 30 days of session, adjustments to the school funding formula, road funding, gaming revenue and the President’s proposal to make community college free for the first two years.

They run approximately 12 minutes

Leon-Tailored Audio:  House Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown

Photo: NUVO