The Marion County Prosecutor’s office is asking that a special prosecutor investigate allegations of rape against Indianapolis City-County Council Vice-President Zach Adamson.

Adamson has been accused of sexual misconduct involving a 19-year old male.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the man accused Adamson of rape stirring from an incident that occurred on September 13, 2015.

The criminal complaint was filed earlier this week.

Adamson released a statement to the media denying the allegations.

“I’ve only recently become aware of accusations against me, which are completely untrue and without merit.  Unfortunately, it appears I’ve become a target of ridiculous accusations. These allegations of impropriety are false.  I can’t say that any more strongly. Until it I resolved, I’ll refrain from further comment and refer all questions to my attorney, Kathleen Sweeney.”

IMPD says the incident was referred to the Marion County Prosecutor’s office which will ask the court to appoint a special prosecutor.

It is not clear whether Adamson will temporarily step down from his post as Council V.P. while the allegations are investigated.   He told Indy Politics in a text message that he serves at the pleasure of his colleagues on the Council and it will be up to them whether he stays.

Adamson is also listed as a co-sponsor of a political fundraiser tomorrow night for Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg.

Adamson represents District 17, which is the near east and south side.