Indiana Democrats say if they want to win voters in the future, they need to remind them of what they’ve done for them in the past.

Democrats gathered in Indianapolis this weekend to rally their base and nominate their candidates for statewide office.

State party Chairman John Zody says it’s not enough for his party to be against Donald Trump, but to let the electorate know what they stand for, i.e. living wages, supporting traditional public education and equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder attacked Republicans for their positions on gerrymandering and 7th District Congressman Andre Carson, told Democrats they needed to get over their divisions.

In addition, Democrats also did their nominations for statewide office.  Jim Harper was nominated for Secretary of State, while Joselyn Whitticker for Auditor and former state lawmaker John Aguilera was nominated State Treasurer.  They all ran unopposed.

You can hear all the candidates, as well as Holder in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.