Despite losing every statewide office in 2016, Indiana Democrats have re-elected John Zody as their state chairman.

Zody defeated challenges by State Senator Lonnie Randolph and former State Representative John Agularia.

Some Democrats had complained about a lack of diversity on the most recent statewide ticket.

Zody released the following statement.

“I am humbled and honored to have been re-elected this afternoon and am excited to continue to work with our State Central Committee to move our Party and Indiana forward. I want to thank my opponents for their ideas and thoughts during this race. We learned hard lessons in 2016 but the aftermath has provided us with an enormous opportunity. To capitalize on this opportunity, we must be proactive. To win, we must develop a sustainable statewide organization, focus on outreach, develop a talent pipeline and carry a carefully-crafted message based around the values that makes us Democrats. Hoosier Democrats are ready. I’m ready to go to work. This is our way forward, together.”

Zody won with more than 85 percent of the delegate count.  Republicans will pick thier state Chairman this Wednesday.  Kyle Hupfer is not expected to have any serious opposition.