It looks like the The First Church of Cannabis is getting ready for a possible subpoena of Indiana Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence.  

 The Church sued the state last year over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and its right to use marijuana as part of the sacrament under the law.   Pence’s name is included on a deposition list.  Also included are former IMPD Chief and current Civil Rights Commissioner Rick Hite, Attorney General Greg Zoeller, Church of Acts pastor Phil Jenkins, former State Rep. Cindy Noe and outgoing State Senator Pat Miller.

Indy Politics spoke with FCOC attorney Mark Small on Friday.  Small said the deposition will help answer some of the basic questions concerning RFRA such as does the Governor think their religion is legitimate?  Does he think they hold sincerely held beliefs?  And does he think the burden of not allowing the FCOC to use cannabis as part of its services is unreasonable?  And if he doesn’t, why not?  They also say as the chief executive officer of the state he has the primary responsibility of enforcing the law.

We also spoke briefly with the Governor’s office Friday to get their reaction.  One official called the deposition a bit of a stretch.