Here’s this week’s edition of “What It’s Worth”.   It features those items that more than gossip, rumor, and political innuendo, but also not quite enough to classify as news.

Although Mike Braun, Luke Messer, Todd Rokita will all be on the ballot, a breakdown of how many signatures each candidate gathered in each Congressional district was interesting to look at. As of February 2,  Braun gathered he most signatures out of everyone (7,248).  Joe Donnelly got the most signatures in CD 5 (1,351) and CD 6 (906).   Todd Rokita got the most signatures in CD 7  (718), however, Luke Messer got the most signatures in CD 4 (828).     And here’s a kicker, the candidate who actually got the most signatures in the Republican stronghold of Hamilton County was Donnelly (878).

All three Republican U.S. Senate candidates are virtually tied when it comes to cash on hand.  Rokita – $2.42 million, Messer – $2.43 million, Braun – $2.3 million.

Marion County Republicans Saturday chose to select Brian Durham as the candidate to back at their slating convention.  He beat Southport Police Chief  Tom Vaughn, nearly 2 to 1.  Marion County Sheriff’s employee Jim Grimes dropped out.   Vaughn nearly did not make slating as his campaign’s slating check bounced so he showed up this morning with a cashiers check and cash to pay his fee.

CD 6 candidate Jonathan Lamb’s campaign has bought an ad to run during the Super Bowl.  Lamb’s campaign says the spot is expected to air just after Justin Timberlake’s half-time show, going into the third quarter.   Meanwhile, Steve MacKenzie has taken to social media to lament about Greg Pence being the keynote speaker at two Lincoln Day Dinners in the district.

Morning Consult put out new polls rating the nation’s Governors.  Indiana’s Eric Holcomb had a 50 percent approval rating, 24 percent disapproved and 26 percent did not have an opinion.  Holcomb polled at 53 percent in the same poll last July.

And here’s a link to the latest list of candidates who’ve filed for state and federal offices.

That’s all we have today.  Take it for what it’s worth.


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