More money for roads, making Indiana a magnet for jobs and making the Superintendent of Public Instruction an appointed position in 2021 are at the top of the list for Governor Elect Eric Holcomb.

Holcomb unveiled his agenda this afternoon.

It included the following…

  • Investing $1 Billion to make Indiana an innovation hub over the next 10 years.
  • Creating  a 20-year plan to fund roads and bridges.
  • Develop a 21st Century skilled and ready workforce, which includes an appointed a Secretary of Education beginning in 2021 to replace the Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as doubling the state’s investment in pre-kindergarten.
  • Attack the drug epidemic by creating a position within the Governor’s Office dedicated to attacking the epidemic: an executive director for substance abuse prevention, treatment and enforcement, giving local officials the authority to establish syringe exchange programs. Enhancing prevention by limiting controlled substance prescriptions and refills and enhancing penalties for those who commit pharmacy robberies.
  • Improving government service by modernizing the outdated state Department of Revenue computer system, raising pay for Indiana State Police, upgrading Indiana State Police labs to better monitor and control drug activities, analyzing waste, fraud and abuse in Indiana’s Medicaid and unemployment insurance programs to find efficiencies and find cost savings for taxpayers, exempting military pensions from the state income tax, expand the nurse-family partnership to combat infant mortality.

Holcomb said he could accomplish his goals while staying within the state’s budgetary constraints.  Lawmakers are expecting to take in $300 million less in revenue in the next fiscal year.

In addition to outlining his agenda, the Governor Elect also named three more key positions…

Franklin Mayor Joe McGuiness will be the new head of INDOT.

Longtime financial consultant CEO Elaine Bedel will be the head of the IEDC.

Forer Goodwill CEO Jim McClelland will be the new Executive Director for substance abuse, prevention, treatment and enforcement.

You can watch the Governor-Elect’s announcement below.