The Indiana Supreme Court is suspending Attorney General Curtis Hill’s law license for 30 days for reportedly groping several women in a bar two years ago.  However, his license will be reinstated at the end of his suspension.

The state’s disciplinary commission called for a two-year suspension without automatic reinstatement.

Hill released the following statement this afternoon, “I accept with humility and respect the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling of a 30-day suspension of my license with automatic reinstatement.  I have directed that beginning Monday, May 18, Chief Deputy Aaron Negangard will assume responsibility for the legal operations of this office during the temporary suspension of my license until it is reinstated on Wednesday, June 17. I offer my deepest gratitude to my family, friends, and the entire staff of the Office of the Attorney General. My staff has worked tirelessly and without interruption and will continue to do so on behalf of all Hoosiers.”

This raises several political questions as to whether Hill can remain as Attorney General as by state law the Attorney General must be a lawyer in good standing.

During his daily virtual news conference on COVID-19, Governor Eric Holcomb said he and his legal team were reviewing the opinion before deciding the next step, but he promised to make one quickly.

Meanwhile,  Democrats were quick to jump on the news, “Curtis Hill is a disgrace. His conduct as an elected official was repulsive and will be a lasting stain on the office and the Party he serves,” said Executive Director Lauren Ganapini. “Now the uncertainty created by his punishment could tip the state into a constitutional crisis. Over and over, Indiana Republicans failed to remove him. They now own his shameful conduct and the crisis it’s created.”

AG candidate and Decatur County Prosecutor Nate Harper said the ruling by the Court demonstrated that Republicans needed to pick someone else for their nominee.

“I respect the proceedings and the Indiana Supreme Court.  Curtis Hill deserved due process and he received it. The Supreme Court ruled that he committed a crime and violated our basic rules of ethics,” he noted.  “Today’s announcement reflects the unavoidable fact that my friend Curtis Hill has lost the trust of Hoosiers and has compromised his ability to do the important work we deserve.  There is simply too much at stake to risk losing the position to a liberal Democrat who will undermine our limited government, pro-life, pro-second amendment values. We cannot let that happen.  I welcome all to join my campaign.”

In addition, Hill’s suspension is set to begin on May 18, however the filing deadline to file for renomination is May 20 and the convention is June 20, by then Hill’s license will be reinstated.

You can read the full opinion here.

Several statehouse leaders called on Hill to resign.  In  addition, legislation that would have made it easier to remove Hill from office did not get out of the legislature this past session.

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