Some members of the Indiana congressional delegation are greeting news of the nuclear deal reached with Iran with skepticism.  The Obama administration announced Monday that it had reached a deal that would halt Iran’ nuclear weapons program but allow it to develop it’s atomic energy program and have some sanctions lifted.

Supporters of the agreement called it a major breakthrough, however critics remain unconvinced.

Here is some of the reaction…

U.S. Senator Dan Coats

  • “This deal intends to slow down Iran’s march to nuclear weapons capability, but even the White House concedes that this agreement will not permanently stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Congress must determine what this deal does buy us and at what cost. I will carefully review the details, but I admit profound skepticism. The intentions of the Iranian regime have been revealed by decades of murderous aggression and lying deceit. This violence is the proven record of our negotiating partner, and all of Iran’s commitments must be evaluated in that light.  Now that Congress has an opportunity to review the pending deal, every member must evaluate what it will mean for our nation’s security, both now and in the future, when the agreement’s terms have expired. We must not be persuaded by the coming public relations campaign that will trumpet a victory for diplomacy before we clearly know what our diplomats have given up in a desperate effort to get a deal. Similarly, we must not accept the false choice between a bad deal and war, which also will be part of the PR effort.  If this proposed deal fails in any important respect, Congress must reject it. We then can enact more vigorous sanctions to persuade the Iranian leaders to reconsider their positions or persuade the Iranian people to reconsider their leaders.”

Jackie Walorksi – 2nd CD

  • “I find it very disturbing that the administration has signed an agreement with the leading state sponsor of terrorism that now has created a pathway for Iran to create a nuclear bomb. Further, this agreement endangers the lives of Americans by providing billions of dollars in sanctions relief for Iran to continue killing Americans. The lack of adequate safe-guards and controls in this plan allows Iran to choose ‘if’ and ‘when’ they agree to verification is deeply troubling.  Especially when we start by lifting sanctions without any verification. Also, let’s not forget that by lifting the weapons embargo with Russia, Iran will assuredly increase their stockpile of missiles, ICBM’s purchased from Russia, able to strike the homeland and other more advanced weapons that will lead to an arms race in the Middle East. Once again, the president is bypassing the American people by threatening a veto of any legislation that would curb this agreement.  This administration continues to reject the will of the American people.”

Todd Rokita – 4th CD

  • “If news accounts are accurate, I can already tell that the President conceded entirely too much to Iran, a known sponsor of terror.  This deal enables more violence and instability in the region.  Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, would have access to $100 billion in frozen funds under the flawed logic of this ‘deal.’  Yet there is nothing in this deal that would then prevent Iran from providing even more aid to Hezbollah or any other terrorists.  Who honestly believes that the infusion of $100 billion will go to helping families live better lives?  It will go right to the terrorists Iran sponsors.    Congress now has 60 days to review this agreement.  I will carefully review the details of this pending deal to ensure Iran is prevented from moving forward with a nuclear weapon program.  I refuse to support any agreement that jeopardizes the safety of the American people or our friends and will fight against policies that have dramatic and negative effects to our national security.”

Susan Brooks – 5th CD

  • “No deal is clearly a better outcome than a bad deal and I’m extremely concerned the Obama administration has negotiated a bad deal. My colleagues and I will leave no detail of the final negotiated terms unexplored as this decision comes with consequences that will reverberate for generations moving forward. If this agreement allows for a nuclear Iran and puts our security at risk, Congress must not support it.   The Obama administration only has itself to blame for the skepticism it now faces from members of both political parties. Throughout this process, critical negotiating objectives have been repeatedly ignored or altered. Iran has practiced violence and deception for decades. The world cannot afford a nuclear Iran and thus cannot afford a deal with unacceptable terms.”

Photo: ABC News