Rev. Charles Harrison tells Indy Politics and WIBC-FM that he will not run for Mayor.

Harrison cited his family and church obligations as his reasons for not running.  He released the following statement…


After much consideration, many discussions and hours of prayerful thought, I have decided not to run for Indianapolis Mayor in the 2015 election.

This decision was difficult for me and my family, especially given the great outpouring of support that was demonstrated in the petitions that contained more than 6,000 signatures. I thank you so much for your support and your trust in me.

I feel a strong calling to serve all the citizens of Indianapolis. As Mayor, I would have demonstrated this calling through a deep commitment to valuing all lives throughout our community, to improving public safety, and to creating an economic climate that leads to better job opportunities. I strongly encourage the remaining candidates in the race to address these issues directly, with solutions that are positive and forward-thinking.

At this time, I believe I can best serve our city by continuing my very rewarding work as Senior Pastor at Barnes United Methodist Church and President of the Board of Directors at the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition. Through these positions, I feel I can truly make a difference, without getting involved in the negativity and political pressures that come with elected office.

I am humbled by the kindness and counsel that have been provided to me as I wrestled with this decision. I shall continue to serve our community with concern and compassion, so that we all can live better lives.

You can hear Harrison’s conversation with WIBC-FM here.  it runs 8 minutes.