The state Inspector General says Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb did not violate state ethics laws when he accepted free travel to two Republican Governors Associations meetings paid for by a gaming company that was lobbying state lawmakers last session.

The Indianapolis Star had reported that the Governor and First Lady had flown to a Republican Governor’s convention on a plane owned by Spectacle Entertainment which was lobbying lawmakers at the time to move two casinos that it owned.

According to IG, the complaint noted that the Governor did not disclose the gift on his 2018 Financial Disclosure Statement. The complaint also raised concerns that the flight “included, and apparently required, uninterrupted access to the Governor by those seeking to lobby the State for changes in Indiana’s gaming laws.”

Following the investigation, the IG concluded that the flights were “in-kind” contributions and were primarily coordinated by the campaign and not the official office. It also found the primary beneficiary of the trips was the RGA, not the Governor and First Lady.

You can read the full report here.