Indiana House and Senate leadership say they will introduce language that would make it clear that gas stations and convenience stores cannot sell cold beer.

The move is in response to Rickers convenience stores adding restaurant space to two of its gas stations to sell cold beer.

Under current state law, gas stations and grocery stores cannot sell cold beer. However, restaurants can.

House Speaker Brian Bosma called the decision by the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission to allow the cold beer sales a “bureaucratic misinterpretation of the law that needs to be changed.” Senate President Pro Tempore David Long said the decision goes against longstanding Indiana policy.

Long says the legislation will be introduced next week to prohibit cold beer sales as gas stations and convenience stores.

You can hear both Bosma and Long in the Leon-Tailored audio above.  In addition to the cold beer discussion, they also discuss road funding, making the Superintendent of Public Instruction an appointed position, as well as several other issues lawmakers will address in the last month of session.