Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jennifer McCormick says Student Learning, School Improvement, and Operational Effectiveness will be here top three priorities of 2018.

The list, released today includes…

Strategic Priority One – Student Learning.

  • Providing children an early opportunity to learn while aligning efforts among Indiana’s most at-risk students underscores the need to ensure all children have access to educational resources that meet their needs. In addition, Dr. McCormick says she and her staff will advocate for revised diploma requirements while building upon career exploration and advanced college and career readiness resources.

Strategic Priority Two – School Improvement.

  • McCormick’s office says this means working to ensure Indiana’s accountability systems are rigorous, equitable, manageable, and understandable. A student-centered approach requires effective teachers. To accomplish this, we must provide a clear path for those who want to teach and those already instructing in the classroom. This will be achieved by working to offer flexibility in teacher licensing across all disciplines and creating opportunities for teacher-leadership development.

Strategic Priority Three – Operational Effectiveness.

  • This objective focuses on creating a standard for data practices, addressing reporting and recording concerns and providing flexibility for fiscally distressed schools and districts as just a few examples.

“The foundation of these policies is to create a rich, innovative and immersive educational environment that challenges our students to be successful lifelong learners,” said Dr. McCormick. “Our 2018 priorities are the result of meeting with hundreds of Hoosiers over the last 11 months. During this time, I met with hardworking and dedicated educators, parents, and community members. The bounty of information shared is at the heart of our desire to ensure our children not just succeed, but achieve their full potential.  As evidenced in districts across the State, focused support is an essential tool in building and maintaining highly successful students, taught by highly effective educators, supported by successful schools in engaged communities.”