Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears says he will neither accept the endorsement nor money from the Fraternal Order of Police.

The Indianapolis FOP is meeting this evening to vote on a candidate they will support for Marion County Prosecutor.

Mears’ campaign released the following statement…

Upon receipt of the FOP 86 PAC invitation on Thursday, May 26 to participate in their endorsement process that ends today, the Mears for Indy campaign reaffirms our pledge to the Indianapolis community to reject campaign contributions and endorsements from law enforcement unions. In July of 2020 we signed a pledge to reject any contributions from police unions as prosecutors being on the “political payroll” of police unions is inappropriate and unethical. The prosecutor’s office must remain independent from police. Prosecutor Ryan Mears will continue his work to build trust in the community.

When asked for a reaction to Mears’ decision, FOP 86 President Rick Snyder told Indy Politics that they would have more to say after this evening’s vote.  He also added,  “In the interim, we remain focused on a fair, firm and consistent review process on behalf of our rank and file law enforcement officers and their families. Tt’s the same process in which Prosecutor Terry Curry participated and an endorsement he sought and valued. Prosecutor Curry achieved the FOP Endorsement twice.”

Mears will face Republican Cyndi Carrasco in the Fall.