It’s been a while since we did an informal survey of our Indy Politics audience, so we thought it was high time to do so. 

We asked nearly 640 participants what they thought about a number of issues and here’s what we found…

  • 71-percent thought the country was on the wrong track.
  • Hoosiers were evenly split on whether the state was on the right track, 45-percent each.
  • 62 percent thought Joe Biden was doing a poor job as President
  • 63 percent rated Governor Holcomb as doing a satisfactory job or better.
  • 52 percent either strongly or somewhat agreed with how the state was handling COVID-19, while 38 percent either somewhat or strongly disagreed.
  • 54 percent thought the state should provide medical or religious exemptions from employer vaccine mandates with respect to COVID-19.
  • When it comes to what to do with the state’s $5 billion budget surplus, answers were mixed: 18 percent said it should be given back to the taxpayers, 10 percent said to pay off pension debt, 17 percent said to invest in badly needed programs, while 31 percent said do all three.  15 percent wanted to wait until the next budget year to make a decision.
  • 57 percent opposed removing the permit requirement to carry a handgun,
  • 42 percent thought there should be restrictions on what can be taught in schools when it comes to race and gender.  29 percent said there should be no restrictions while 22 percent said those decisions should be left up to local school boards.
  • 62 percent said transgender athletes should only be allowed to play in sports of their birth gender.
  • When it comes to who they would support for Governor in 2024, Mike Braun and Suzanne Cruch were tied at 15 percent each.   Trey Hollingsworth had nine percent, Todd Rokita had seven.  Eric Doden had two percent.  And 31 percent wanted someone else.
  • In the Republican race for Secretary of State and Treasurer, Holli Sullivan and Pete Seat were both in first place.  Note those candidates are chosen by delegates at a convention.
  • When it came to the city of Indianapolis, 70 percent said the city was going in the wrong direction, 68 percent thought Mayor Joe Hogsett was doing a bad job.
  • And in the race for County Prosecutor Republican Cyndi Carrasco was ahead of Democrat Ryan Mears 46-17, 31 percent were undecided.

Note, this was an informal survey conducted by Survey Monkey.  We plan to do some actual scientific polling later this summer.