Although Governor Mike Pence isn’t expected to formally unveil his budget until January, his administration says education will be a major focus.

Indy Politics spoke with Pence budget chief Chris Atkins.

Atkins says there will be a continued focus on early childhood education as well as closing the skills gap.

Atkins says they are waiting for final budget projection numbers to come in. The Statehouse File reports that tax revenues came in stronger in October – adding about $1.4 million more to the state’s coffers than projected. And for the first four months of Fiscal Year 2015, total state tax revenues fell just below estimates but are higher than tax receipts for the same period in FY 2014.

Indy Politics also spoke with Atkins about “reversions”, where the Governor has agencies give back dollars even though they have already been appropriated. Some lawmakers have talked about curbing that authority.

You can hear Atkins’ comments below. They run approximately 14 minutes.