Governor Mike Pence this afternoon said he is allowing two gaming bills to become law without his signature, but he is vetoing a third one.

The Governor is allowing HEA 1540 to become law without without his signature. The legislation allows riverboat casinos to move on land within their current footprint, outlines procedures for legislative ratification of a tribal gaming compact negotiated between the Governor and the Pokagaon Band of the Potawatomi Indians, as well as establishing caps for casinos and racinos.

The other bill the Governor allowed to become law without his signature was SEA 252.  The legislation increases the  per diem for Horse Racing Commission members, allows the Horse Racing Commission to use breed development funds to promote the horse racing industry, and codifies the current standards regarding days of racing as previously established by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission.

Pence says he opposes an expansion of gaming, but realizes gaming is an important part of Indiana’s economy as well as the state budget.  Pence says the two bills allow Indiana to remain competitive without expanding gaming by his definition.

Depsite those two bills, the Governor did veto HEA 1270, which allows Advance Deposit Wagering, expanding gambling on horse races to include not only in-person bets, but also those made by electronic means.   Pence said he is opposed to on-line gaming and that since Advance Deposit Wagering is not currently allowed in Indiana, allowing it would be an expansion of gaming.