Although some state Republican parties are seriously looking at canceling their presidential primaries next year, there are no plans for that to happen in Indiana.

CNN reported Saturday that Republican officials in multiple states were on the verge of canceling their 2020 presidential primary elections in a show of support for President Donald Trump, even though he is expected to be challenged in the primary.

South Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada are expected to cancel their presidential primaries, however, Indiana Republican Party chairman Kyle Hupfer told Indy Politics Saturday that was not going to happen here.

“That has not been a topic of discussion here,” Hupfer said.  “However, the Indiana Republican Party is actively assisting the Trump/Pence re-election campaign, including gathering the required signatures for President Trump’s ballot access.”

CNN is also reporting that it was not unprecedented for state Republicans or Democrats to decide not to hold a presidential primary when an incumbent is running essentially uncontested.  South Carolina Republicans canceled their 1984 and 2004 presidential primaries in 1984 and 2004 when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were up for their second terms; while state Democrats skipped their contests in 1996 and 2012, with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, respectively, ran for reelection.