If there is a blue wave coming, it might not have much impact on the Indiana Secretary of State’s race nor the Indiana General Assembly and if it does, it will have to be pretty big to break the Republican supermajorities.

GOVERNING magazine has rated numerous Secretaries of State races across the country as well as the state legislature.

Its analysis shows the Secretary of State’s Office likely staying in Republican hands and while Democrats are expected to pick up some seats in the Indiana House and Senate, it’s not expected to change control of either chamber.  However, it is possible that Republicans could lose their supermajority.

Below are the rankings for the Secretary of State as well as the House and Senate Chambers.

Secretary of State – Likely Republican

  • Lawson is seeking her second full term and is a favorite to win reelection against Democratic attorney Jim Harper. While insiders are giving Harper kudos as a candidate, he’s not getting much press for his efforts thanks to the U.S. Senate race that’s under way. Besides, no Democrat has won the office since 1990.

Indiana House of Representatives – Likely Republican

Indiana Senate – Safe Republican

  • The Democrats are targeting five Republican seats in the Senate, but while they could ultimately flip a few, the GOP edge is so big that it won’t matter. In the House, the Democrats could flip anywhere from five to nine seats, but again, the GOP margin is wide enough to maintain the majority.