The public interest group Common Cause of Indiana says an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case regarding redistricting could have major consequences for the state because it would fundamentally change the way how states count residents for the purpose of drawing legislative maps.

The Court is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday on Evenwel v. Abbott, where the issue is whether states can only count registered voters for the purpose of redistricting as opposed to all persons in a particular area.

Common Cause argues that is the Court were to allow only registered voters to be counted, it would disenfranchise millions of non-voters, including new citizens and children.

The Leon-Tailored Audio includes a conference call with the following…

  • Emmet Bondurant – author of Common Cause’s brief in Evenwel; founding partner at Bondurant Mixson & Ellmore LLP; successfully argued Wesberry v. Sanders (1964), which ended congressional malapportionment nationwide
  • Peter Buttigieg – Mayor, South Bend, Indiana
  •  Kathay Feng – National Redistricting Director, Common Cause
  • Harit Trivedi –Deputy City Attorney and Chief Election Lawyer, City of Los Angeles

 The audio is broken into two sections, part one is an overview, while part two is questions from the media.  Each track runs about 18 minutes.